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Rules & Guidelines 



 Please book any extra Services needed while scheduling so we can set aside time to complete job.


Same day booking is additional $50. 

Holiday cleaning $150 plus original cleaning fee.

There is a 20 dish maximum (21 or more dishes that needs cleaning will be an additional $25 added to the balance.) 

Payment must be paid when job is finished. If not paid within the hour after job is complete  it will cost $20 per hour thereafter . It’s best to pay when job is complete to avoid being charged. 

Please pick up all toys off flour before cleaners arrive. If excessive toys or other belongings are on flour it will be a additional cost of $15 to pick them up. 

Please put away any food/drinks meant to be kept. 

Due to COVID -19 please have yourself along with your family dressed and ready to leave before cleaners come or in one room . 

If you would like bedding changed , please have clean set of sheets on bed. If not , bedding will be made with the same bedding. 

Please put up all value items before cleaners arrive . 

Laundry is $10 per load or $ 5 just to fold. We only wash as we clean . If you would like all laundry done we would take with us and return within 2days or less. 

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